Learning Lessons

Learning lesson #1 – One size does NOT fit all

I went to ACE Hardware and asked for a carpenters apron. The clerk showed me this apron sealed in a package. I asked about the size and she told me that this apron would fit me because…. One size fits all.

I still can’t figure out why she said that……..

Learning lesson #2 – Garden hose will bury itself

I was trying to hammer the first building form pole into the ground, I came up with an idea….. (Sandi says I have a thinking problem, I think like a lazy person, so that’s why I come up with all these bright ideas…. ) I got the garden hose and put it down into the pipe and washed a hole in the ground. Each pipe went into the ground effortlessly. Like putting a hot knife through soft butter! That is, until I reached the last pipe. On this one, the dirt closed in around the hose and Sandi and I could not pull it out!!! So….. That center pole has a cut off section of our garden hose still in it………

I still can’t figure out how I did that……..

Learning lesson #3 – Epoxy drying time

You can’t see it in the picture but there is a story about the SandiLee roof. When epoxy dries, it does so very fast. I was rolling epoxy on the roof when the epoxy I had accidentally stepped in dried. I could not move because my shoes were stuck to the roof. Just then Sandi asked what I needed. “A new pair of shoes” I replied. Until I could grind my shoes off the roof they stuck there reminding me of my blooper.

I still can’t figure out how we did that……..

Learning lesson #4 – Keep you latter handy

We were working on the SandiLee roof and we needed more supplies. Sandi volunteered to go to the store. Fearing the step latter would blow down she removed it and laid it on the ground.. Soon after I realized I needed to go to the men’s room, so I walked to the back of the roof only to find there was no way for me to get down! I had to go really bad too… So, I did what any true red blooded man would do. I sat on the edge of the roof… No, I didn’t do what your thinking… I crossed my legs until she returned.. Yeah, I did….

I still can’t figure out why she did that…

Learning lesson #5  – Keep positive thoughts


I know how I did that…….

 Learning lesson #6 – Never tip your wife

We needed a piece of plywood and it was under a stack of cut plywood sides. So Sandi said she would hold the plywood if I would lean it against her. I started leaning the sheets against her and suddenly I heard her say “it’s falling!” When I looked up I saw the bottoms of two shoes and plywood falling backwards. So, a couple of band aids later she was as good as new!

I still can’t figure out how we did that……..

Learning lesson #7 – Cherish your hair

It was about 5:00 Friday and my table saw belt broke. Sandi called around and found a place that had one, but closed at 6:00. So I quickly jumped into the shower. Sandi was laughing about how I had stepped in glue and glued my shoe to the garage floor earlier. Now as I showered, I discovered that I had epoxy glue in my hair! I couldn’t get my fingers through it! Wow… I looked in the mirror and to my surprise I had glued paper towels to my hair! I had to get Sandi to cut the pieces of paper towel out. Later, I cut the rest of the glue out of my hair…. Since I don’t have much hair anyway this was a great tragedy for me.

I still can’t figure out how I did that…….

Learning lesson #8 -Take time to relax


After a hard day there is nothing like spending a few quiet hours sanding.

Learning lesson #9 – Beware of family issues

My daughter and her husband came to visit us from Nebraska. This day they were leaving to go back home. It was an unusually cold day here in Orlando and there was frost on the ground. Sandi and I were dressed in night clothes, light jacket and shoes (no socks or such). When they left we hurried to the house to get out of the cold and found that they had mistakenly locked the door!!!  It was about 6:00 AM and we were forced to walk the neighborhood in our night clothes until we found somebody awake who would let us use their phone and call a locksmith.

I still can’t figure out how they did that……..

Learning lesson #10 – Always dress appropriately

The Florida weather turned bitter cold. Down to 40 degrees…. So I had to dress warmly. You can call me “Bubba” or Bubba Lee

Learning lesson #11 -Learn how to stay calm

When we started to paint the hull I remembered that I had a Wagner Power Painter with a roller attachment. So I outfitted Sandi with the old manual roller and paint pan, and I got the Super Power Painter ready to do some serious painting. I turned the unit on, and pressed the paint button. This was supposed to start paint flowing to the roller, but it didn’t start. I found out that I could turn the unit off and on with the main switch. So I started to paint. Soon I noticed that the paint wasn’t coming out anymore. When I looked down, the hose had come off the paint pump and paint was shooting all over the deck and my shoes! I tried to stop it, and the carrying strap fell into the paint. Now I had a real mess. I picked the whole thing up, poured the paint back into the bucket, and threw it away! What a total mess…

I still can’t figure out how I did that……..

Learning lesson #12 – Is it an ‘Insy’ or an ‘Outsy

We used pre-hung doors for the bathrooms. They come assembled with the door and frames already in place. The door frames are separate to install and you put the inside frame in a slot in the outer door frame. We wanted to see how the bathroom doors looked, so we took them apart and clamped them into place. I stored the inside door trim out of the way so they wouldn’t get broken. Now it was time to put them in, so we mounted the outside frame and door. But, when I tried to get the inside frame to slide into the slot on the other frame, it wouldn’t fit. I thought it was swollen because of moisture in the air. We worked a long time trying to get the frame in the slot. Finally I told Sandi to stand back and I put a wood block on the frame and tried to force it in…. Well, this broke the slot wide open. So while I chiseled and sanded the old door stop away, Sandi went to the store to get replacement parts. We fixed the door stop and all was well. Then we went to the next door, hoping it would not have the same problem. The frame slid right in… And a little loose.. It was then I realized it… We had reversed the first door frames!!!!!

I still can’t figure out how I did that……..

Learning lesson #13 – Just bad luck!


The instructions say when the glue gets tacky and it touches anything, you can NOT move (or remove) the pieces. They were sooooo right!

I still can’t figure out how I did that……..