About the Sandi Lee II

For some reason we had decided to retire from boat building and for several years we concentrated on things around the house.
One day, we were in the local bookstore when all of a sudden I heard the quick steps of feet coming towards me. It was Sandi coming toward me holding a huge book about tiny homes. “Look at this, look at this” she exclaimed. “Look at this boat.”  She pointed to a unique looking craft built by Roy Schreyer named the Dianne’s Rose. I agreed it was very unusual and decided to look into it further.
We found that plans were sold for this boat and even though we said we would not take on any more boat building projects, we ordered the plans.
The plans are very complete with lots of pictures and verbiage. Probably, more so than any plans we had ever purchased. Another good thing, Roy was opened for questions about construction. Plus he has tons of videos on You Tube about the Dianne’s Rose.
We have been blessed with our children being able to help on this project. We usually meet on Saturday for family catch up and work sessions. It has been wonderful having them help on the Sandi Lee II. Truly, this has been a family project!
The original boat length was 16ft. We got a good deal on a boat trailer, however it was for a 22 Ft boat. So, we extended the boat one window for a total length of 20 ft. Other than the cabin hatch and a few extra butt plates, the boat is built per the plans.
As of now we have completed the main boat structure and have launched it for lake trials. We were very impressed with the stability of the boat.  Really impressed! We had 9 adults on board and when moving around, the boat stayed level without and movement at all.
We are currently working on the interior and windows.
View Roy’s video Click Here